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Redefining what's possible one project at a time.

WHAT'S Next?

We're hard at work creating products that will be loved by the community, residents, tenants and visitors for generations to come.

​By working with select architects on each project, we can help guide the future of our cities. Everything we do is meant to bring out the true potential of a building and strengthen our communities. Through a unique approach, we believe that each project should honor and add to the often rich history of the surrounding neighborhood.

We believe in the ability to save our historic buildings no matter how challenging that task may be. Buildings of the past tell a story and we believe that it's imperative to preserve them to continue telling that story. For our own projects, The Stritzel Company pledges to only demolish historic structures as an absolute last-resort.

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Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Previous Projects

The Stritzel Company, through its former name "4th Street", was involved in projects prior to taking on our own set or helping others achieve their own.


Take a look what we've done previously and learn a little bit more about each project.

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5612 Waterman

Learn more about this 54-unit apartment building in the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood by clicking the button below.


4th Street Row

Learn about an exciting adaptive reuse project just south of downtown St. Louis and Busch Stadium by clicking the button below.

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