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4th Street Row


JAG Commercial Properties


South Downtown - City of St. Louis, Missouri



Chris Stritzel was involved in the planning process for the redevelopment of the Historic South 4th Street Row just South of Downtown. He also used the project as an in-depth learning opportunity*.

Bridging the gap between Soulard and Downtown, the 4th Street Row will act as a key piece in the puzzle to the greater redevelopment and activation of the surrounding area. A mixture of usages will be built into the buildings at 740-54 South 4th Street, including a new concert venue named, "The Garage" by Game 6 Honky Tonk. By linking the past to the present and future, the hope is that this block will become a unique destination for everyone.

Phase 1 began construction in the Summer of 2021 and wrapped up in time for Labor Day 2022. Phase 2 construction will begin at a later date.

*- Learning opportunity as in being taught the development process in great detail by the master developer of the project, JAG Commercial Properties.

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