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    Redefine Possible

    About the Stritzel Company

    The Stritzel Company, formerly 4th Street, is a start-up development group aiding in the creation of the next generation of great American cities by redefining what's possible in the world of development. By preserving the past for the future, rebuilding lost density, relinking neighborhoods back into one contiguous fabric, being focused on design, and creating key relationships with community stakeholders, we believe the future of real estate development looks bright.


    Projects That Innovate

    At the Stritzel Company, we do more than just develop.

    We build for the communities we invest in (or consult with others who will. We are committed to building for a brighter future while being firmly rooted in tradition.

    Want to know what we've been up to? Visit our portfolio.

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    Guiding Principles


    Preserve the past for the future


    Embrace the future to set a new standard


    Pursue the road less travelled


    Focus on creating thoughtful designs


    Connect with neighborhoods


    Connect with the community


    Have a democratic approach to design


    Have integrity to build trust

    In the News

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